Unique Built-ins

Features That Make Your Home Unique

Hello there! I think we can all agree that we want a home that is unique to us. This got me thinking, that to have a unique house doesn't mean that you necessarily have to do something dramatic like tearing walls down or repaint the exterior. While those things can be great, sometimes we aren't prepared for a giant project like that. So, I've gathered some suggestions for you on how to add small features to your home to make it unique and special! 
First, you could add a built in shelf as a room or space separator in your home. This particular design is modern and sleek, instantly upgrading the look of the rooms. It separates the two rooms just enough so that there is definition, but without closing the spaces off completely. Now the rooms are distinguished but light and airy with an open bookcase for added decoration and storage. This could be done in a master between the bed area and a sitting area, or between a foyer and a living room. This shelf was done by Woodmaster Custom Cabinets.

Cell phone charging stations are genius. This tiny built in can get so much use in a household. Most likely, every member of your family has a cell phone. With a charging station, all you need is an outlet and little shelves to hold the phones. Add one in your kitchen and/or living room since those are the two rooms we socialize in most. These are usually placed mid-way up the wall, so no more bending down to plug in your phone or your guests phone when you have company over. Now, you can stay connected in the most convenient spots in your home without the fear of a dying phone!

A butler’s pantry may seem a tad fancy, but really it is just extra storage between your kitchen and dining room for coffee and beverages. This particular one was also a Woodmaster Custom Cabinets project. We love the glass cabinets above because they will show off your best wine glasses and coffee mugs, and they just look sophisticated. Underneath, feel free to store the mismatch kitchenware that you don’t want guests to see! J This added area is a great spot to use when you are hosting a party, or just to pour a cup a joe in the morning!

Lastly, you could consider adding a barn door somewhere in your home. These are definitely trending right now so it's an instant upgrade that requires minimal installation. Choose any design and finish you like and pick an interesting metal track to slide it on. Put it somewhere creative, like in front of your pantry, laundry room, or even replace your bathroom door for a barn door that locks! This is one of our favorite additions. Thanks for reading and we hope that our ideas will help transform your home!

Unique Projects to Inspire any Home to Distinction


What makes a house a home? Family, décor, design perhaps. Lets take that one step further. What makes a home a dream home? Is it truly size, location, cost as so many are led to believe. I feel that it is in the details of the home that appeals to you, its sense of style or design, and certain qualities that this home possesses that make it your dream home. Some homes are almost that dream home and just lack that one more special touch to complete it and make it absolute. That is where companies such as Woodmaster Woodworks come in to add that special project.


Wrap Center for Craft Room

If you are crafty and have need of a craft room to complete your dream home, this is a great addition to your room. If you are not fortunate enough to give an entire room to crafts, this is still a nice space saving idea that could be built anywhere to keep your wrappings together for all the birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other gift wrap we collect.


3 Child Desk

Any parent of 3 children close in age will tell you of the struggles of space and homework time among other things. This next idea addresses two problems uniquely in a beautiful desk built for 3 children to work together without disruption and adds beauty to your home at the same time.


Secret Passage Way

The secret passage way makes you think of castles and hidden treasures. They are still utilized in homes today. They can be built as part of a library to access another room or as a door way built in. On the outside, you will see a bookshelf or built in simply decorated, the door way can be done with elaborate trim work to really highlight your bookshelf beautifully. On the inside another room, or possibly a secret room filled with treasures.

Mudrooms (For your muddy things and your not so muddy things)

You know seasons have changed when you start seeing longer sleeves, boots, sweaters, hats, and coats  walking through your hometown or local grocery store.  With that in mind, it can be difficult to find space to fit these thicker, larger items.  Even the day to day items such as boots and coats don't always have a place to call home.  

Fortunately there are mudrooms.  

Mudroom (source: Wikipedia)a casual, generally secondary entryway intended as an area to remove and store footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the main house. As well as providing storage space, a mud room serves to increase the cleanliness of a house proper. 

Mudrooms Come in Many Styles and Sizes

Use board and batten along with built-in shelves, a bench, and hooks to make your perfect storage space.
Image from House & Home

Use baskets to create a niche for every unplaced item.
Image: Bonasty

Mudrooms can also make a statement with bold colors.  Use corbels to add detail or give your mudroom an aged look with stain.
Image: Simply Seleta

Again, don't be afraid to use color to accent your mudroom.  Plus, this gives guests an inviting and unique focal point as they arrive.  
Image: Ana White

All mudrooms are not standard size.  For some of you, space may be a precious commodity that you cannot spare.  Why not create more space with a well placed mudroom.

Use an ineffective closet to your advantage.

Image: The House of Smiths


Turn an unwanted or old armoir into a personalized place for any family member or guest to store his or her everyday items.
Image: DebbieTravis

Image: Paul Michael Company

Make the back drop of your mudroom unique by using beadboard, board and batten, or even vintage doors.

Image: Indulgy

Image: Beneath My Heart

Image: At Home with K

Whatever you desire, make it your own.  It's between you and your coats.