10 Innovative Built-In Ideas

We know everyone has seen built-in bookcases, entertainment centers and mudrooms. So we put together a serious of innovative built-ins that we thought were super creative and useful. These tend to leave you thinking...

"Why didn't I think of that?!"

        10. Built-In hanging rod over dryer. Perfect for items that shrink in the dryer or need to be air dried.

9. Built- In utensil pull our drawer

8. Pull out jewelry hanger

7. Closet that backs up to the laundry room with laundry baskets

6. Secret play room door built under stairs

5. Pet food pull out drawer

4. Built-in alcove shelf with crown molding
 with Key Holder & file folders

3. Lazy Susan for shoes

2. Closet with Built-in for Washer and Dryer

1. Closet with built-in shoe rack on door

1. (Ok, we have one more extra)...Bookcase built in with interchangeable Flat Screen TV unit

What built-ins have you seen that are unique?

Do you need one or more of these built-ins for your house?

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