Play With Color!

At Woodmaster Woodworks, we love color! Sure, all- white cabinets are in right now, but here’s an idea if that’s not your style. A new take on the plain white cabinets is an off-white color with a black or brown glaze. The glaze gives your cabinets a sense of dimension and darkens the color a little. We can accommodate any color you want done.
You can do any combination of paint and glaze! For example, blue kitchen cabinets are trending right now so you could add a black glaze on that, or a black cabinet with a white glaze. The option of a glaze allows for more variety in color and design.

If you don’t think a glaze will give you the look you need, we can still give you an unconventional look through paint. Navy, seafoam green, gray, light powder blue, etc. are all gorgeous cabinet colors! If the idea of colored cabinets scares you, start with a small space such as a half bathroom or laundry room to get a feel for it. Why should we stick with the traditional browns, blacks, and whites when we can do a fun color?

Another trendy use of color at the moment is to do two-toned kitchen cabinets! Whether you do different colored uppers and lowers, or just a different colored island, we think this style does so much for a space. It’s good to break up the space and add a focal point or contrast.

Choosing an eccentric paint color can do wonders. Get creative and don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary anywhere in your home or kitchen! After all, the kitchen is the most used room in the house, so it should definitely be eye-catching!