Add Trim & Molding To Your Remodel

Hey guys! Are you considering remodeling your house or even just touching up an old room? If so, DON’T skip out on adding trim and molding! I've put together some tips and photos by Woodmaster Woodworks to help you get ideas. When remodeling, it is important to add these elements to the space because many older homes do not have enough trim, or any at all. By adding trim, molding, baseboards, wainscoting, or a trey ceiling to a room, it comes to life. (and into this century!)

Everyone deserves to have that WOW factor in their home, and the photos here definitely have it. A room can go from looking like a dingy box, to a very elegant room with the right amount of detail and trim. Adding something like baseboards may not seem like a very drastic change, but once it’s there, you will wonder why you didn’t add it earlier.

Remodeling a house or even a room is tons of work! We don’t want you to forget to add some of the essentials that will truly transform the look. The amount of depth trim gives a room is substantial, so consider doing some of the things in these photos by Woodmaster Woodworks for a more polished final look. Happy remodeling!