Making Small Spaces Functional

Ahhh… Spring! The smell of freshly-cut grass is in the air and you can finally walk out the front door in the morning without wearing a heavy jacket. It’s also the time of the year when most families participate in the traditional “Spring Cleaning” and get rid of all that extra “stuff” laying around the house.. But what happens to all the dishes, holiday decorations, gadgets and just random clutter that is just too precious to give up yet or didn’t catch someone’s eye at your Saturday morning yard sale?

Cleaning house and scaling down to what you need and use is a good idea but when you don’t have enough space to store your belongings you can also make the space you do have more functional. Believe it or not, just about any space can be converted into a functioning section of your home. With some help from Woodmaster Woodworks, your house can be organized and clutter free. The possibilities are endless whether you have a small or large area of space.  

      Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your space. To make the most out of a small closet, we can install narrow bookshelves and hang closet rods at any length. In a dining room or other living space, we can build a custom corner cabinet to hold china and other family novelties. Custom built-ins in family rooms, bedrooms and basements can be used to hide movies, toys and cords. A custom mudbench in the foyer, laundry room, or beside the garage can prevent shoes, books, and jackets from being dispersed all over your house. The possibilities of added functionality are endless even in the most surprising of spaces.

When you allow Woodmaster Woodworks to think out of the box, you will find that nontraditional renovation projects can turn small spaces into functional areas that can store your items and keep you organized. To schedule your FREE in-home estimate, give us a call at 919.554.3707. You can also view our completed projects at