Change the Style of Your Kitchen by Swapping Out Cabinet Hardware

  Hardware on your kitchen cabinets can set the stage for your kitchen’s design style. For example, an understated cabinet can be complemented with brushed metal hardware or it can provide a blank canvas for you to experiment with artistic door handles and drawer pulls. While sticking with a simplistic approach towards cabinets and hardware may save you time and simplify the design process, exploring additional options may further extend your personality in your home.

Kitchen designs are able to incorporate more character into your house through various approaches to kitchen hardware. Some recent trends include nautical-themed rope drawer pulls and door handles, painted designs, motifs, and monogramed drawer pulls. Kitchen hardware made from antique buttons, glass or crystal will create a truly unique look that's sure to spark conversation and intrigue your guests.

Materials such as rope and rubber can add pizazz to an otherwise bland surface. Cabinet accessories can be easily changed, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles. They can be as much a representation of your personality as function of their purpose. Whether you favor more traditional or modern style, consider adding some art to your kitchen cabinets with unconventional hardware choices. Be sure to express your style ideals through all the details of your kitchen. Our company, Woodmaster Woodworks offers various options for homeowners to refinish, rebuild, or replace custom cabinets.

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