Ceiling Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

When designing or remodeling a home, ceilings usually don’t cross your mind. Typically, they’re flat and white and not thought about again unless repairs are needed. But an exceptional ceiling design, whether it’s in a living room, dining area or the master bedroom, can give the room a unique, individual character that leaves a lasting impression on anyone that steps in.

With many paint and stain grade options, and unlimited design choices, Woodmaster Woodworks will collaborate with you to design a ceiling that makes the room feel luxurious and far less forgetful.

Below are a few of the many options you have-



Coffered ceilings are sunken ceiling tiles in a square or rectangular shape. The tiles are surrounded on all sides by deep or shallow beams. A series of coffered ceiling tiles creates a decorative grid pattern on ceilings.



Also called a recessed or inverted ceiling, tray ceilings feature a center section that is several inches or feet higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room. This design allows for many variations of paint ideas to make it a true focal point in any room.



Available in both faux and real wood selections, adding ceiling beams in cherry, maple, mahogany or oak can be a simple way to add character to any room.


Depending on the space you have available, the ceiling design options will vary for each room and home. The structure of your ceiling, surrounding walls and overall style of the room should also be considered when making a final decision.

You can find more of our completed projects by visiting our Houzz or Pinterest pages. Call (919) 554-3707 if you're interested in updating your ceilings.