Clever Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Our team is always on the lookout for new kitchen remodeling ideas to present to our homeowners when meeting for their kitchen remodel. Whether you live in an older home and want to remodel, or you’re building a new home and want to customize so it’s ready upon move-in, these clever ideas will give you the inspiration you’re looking for.


Sink Drawers

Most of us have a cluttered cabinet space below our kitchen sink. Typically used for cleaning supplies, it’s easy to toss items back in, while pushing the other items back continuously. This leaves you with cleaning items way in the back that you’ve forgotten about. So, you buy more. Drawers below your kitchen sink could be the answer to saving space and money.



Side Cabinet Pantry or Storage

Utilize the wall space beside your refrigerator with a built-in pantry or storage cabinet. Match to the existing kitchen cabinets for a flush look.



Pan Pull-Out Drawer

Give yourself space for the more bulky pots and pans by adding a cookie & pizza pan drawer. Add a portion for your sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and saran wrap for even more function.


Trash Can Pull-Out & Bag Storage

Hide your unsightly trash bins, and keep them away from pets, by adding a trash can pull-out. Add a divider to store trash bags so no one has to ask “where are the trash bags?”



Tandem Cutting Board Drawer

Keep the mess off your countertops by adding a cutting board drawer above the trash can. Make it even more functional with a circular chute to swipe excess directly into the trash can.



Pet Bowl Pull-Out

Get rid of the mess on the floor and control your pets diet by adding a pull-out drawer for bowls. This is a great option for senior pets that may have a hard time reaching low.



Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is an ideal option for corner cabinet storage. Store your most used cups and plates, or your sugar, flour, spices, etc. Lazy Susan’s are easy to switch up, so keep changing the use until you find the best solution for your kitchen.



Built-In Wine Rack

Store wine within your cabinetry to get the most out of your counter space and pantry.


Will you be incorporating any of the organization tips above to your new home or remodel?

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