Hidden Passages for Children

Last week when I came across photos of secret passages, doors and rooms in older homes, I decided to get creative and run with the idea! Can you imagine being seven or eight years old and having one of these built into your bedroom or play room? What child didn't dream of a secret place they could call their own, away from adults, rules and discipline? A place to escape with toys and a childhood sanctuary to create their own imaginary worlds.

Displayed above are bright, colorful and imaginative examples of what a "secret passage" for youngsters might look like. Disguise the entrance to a bathroom or play room with bright paint and door disguised as a bookshelf for the kid's books or toys. Create a little girl's fantasy princess hidden room behind a custom swinging bookshelf built into the wall. What about a room beyond the closet? Slide the winter coats and Sunday clothes to the side and reveal a little boy's very own hidden escape. In the last photo the playroom and bedroom are connected through a custom built, rounded, shelving system that swings open for "secret" entry and exit!

Woodmaster Woodworks LOVES this idea!
A"secret" passage that is low to the ground and
can be used to go between rooms or as a hidden
cubby hole for childhood treasures.
Here a homeowner created a small reading nook for their child
by having a custom bookshelf installed on swinging hinges.
It is dual purpose as storage and a private, comfy, quiet
reading area.