DIY Kitchen Storage

As the holiday season is upon us, everyone has less and less time for the simple, routine tasks in life like cleaning up your kitchen.  However, with all of those visiting friends and family members in town, making sure everything is spic and span is more important now than ever!  It is with that in mind, Woodmaster Woodworks would like to continue the theme of DIY projects by suggesting this great idea for space and time saving under-the-sink cabinets that will add ease and utility to any kitchen!

What better way to store all your cleaning essentials?!

This website gives a thorough and detailed description of how to complete this project, including diagrams for taking measurements and tips to simplify the installation process.  However, for our purposes, we are just going to hit the highlights.

First of all, you will have to take careful and accurate measurements of the space under your sink to ensure that you have room for all of the drawers that you would like to install.  Once you have configured your own unique space and planned out what you are able to do to utilize it, you will need to purchase the materials necessary for the project.  Luckily, all you will need to get started are plywood, drawer glides that meet your specifications, some nails (a nail gun is also handy, but not necessary), glue, and polyurethane to seal your finished drawers.  This project can be done easily and inexpensively in just an afternoon with the right tools and materials from your local hardware or home supply store for as little as $80 for the entire job!

So organized, you will never have to dig again!

Once you are finished installing the drawers according to your own needs, a great finishing touch would be child-proof locks so that your little ones or those visiting cannot get to these dangerous chemicals as easily as the grown-ups.  This project takes very little in the way of time or resources but can save a great deal of time and effort in the future as you get and keep your home clean and ready for your holiday guests!