Children Rooms!

Continuing with the theme for this week, today we wanted to focus on some of the other bedrooms in the house. Yesterday we went over some exquisite wall unit ideas for master suites. Today, lets talk about the kids rooms! 

Kids rooms are naturally intended to be fun! And built-ins can be a great but simultaneously functional way to add some fun to your kids room while also incorporating efficient storage. Take a look at some of these ideas: 

Talk about a fairy tale room! These built-ins coupled with the exquisite wall mural turn this little girl's room into a princess' paradise! As you can see, the bed cubbies also provide built-in night stands for books, or favorite stuffed animals! 

Little girl's also love bunk beds! I mean what child doesn't! And these built-in bunk beds provide extra shelving in each of the nooks- making for a great home for an overflow of fuzzy friends, or bedtime story favorites! 

This little boy's room incorporates a built-in bed that adds lots f extra storage. The bottom drawer actually pulls out to reveal a trundle mattress! Perfect for sleep overs, but easily tucked away! 

And of course boys love bunk beds too! (This one is currently missing it's ladder) but it's important to note the sleek lines of this built-in. Built-ins, though often chalked full of traditional molding and detail can also be finished (and often are) with very sleek, modern, and sophisticated lines. And often those sleek lines come at a better price point than their traditional counter parts. 

Lastly- thoughtfully designed children's built-ins should be able to make the transition from child to teen. This is a great example of wall built-ins that were functional from child to young adult. 

And of course your young adult might need some storage that the kiddos don't. We love the built-in desk in this teen's room and appreciate the curtain covers for the bed- adding an almost canopy effect that any girl is sure to love. 

Check in tomorrow as we continue to go over some awesome bedroom designs!