Cinderella Closets

So, in order to wrap up the conversation this week about bedroom built-ins, we'd be amiss at Woodmaster Woodworks if we didn't touch on a subject that we hear from homeowners about ALL the time. Just as yesterday was spent talking about built-in wardrobes to solve the lack of closet problem, the other (and sometimes much more easily accomplished) fix is to simply reconfigure your closet so that it maximizes space. 

So you're closet is lack-luster? Doesn't serve the needs that you have as a lover of designer shoes? You need some place to store your glass slippers, Princess? Well don't give up on your closet space just yet, because it might just be a Cinderella closet waiting for it's big break. You would be amazed at what some appropriately outlined built-ins can do to even the worst space. 

Walk-in closets need built ins in order to be successful just like you need your red heels with your favorite black dress. So if you've got a walk-in closet devoid of built-in units that are specifically in place to tackle things like sweaters, shoes, accessories, purses, etc- then your closet is a fail. The good news? It can be a Cinderella closet. 

And even built-in closets can be done budget consciously, so don't think that just because you want fabulous storage in your closet that you'll have to pay premium for it. Obviously you can pay premium if you want to- start adding beautiful details like crown, glass doors, and lots of covered cabinet space, and yes, you'll pay a premium for sure. But if you're okay with cubbies instead of cabinets and you'll be satisfied to do without the molding, you can still get a closet that incorporates wonderful storage while still being budget conscious.