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Greige - The New Neutral

By now, you've probably heard the term "greige" used when it comes to interior design. In case you haven't heard, greige is used to describe a "new" color that is taking over homes across the globe. It's a mix between gray and beige - ultimately the perfect neutral. 

Greige is possibly the coziest color we've ever laid our eyes on. The most common use of greige is obviously paint. It brings this earthy, warm feel to any room, and you can decorate with any accent color under the sun because it's so versatile. At Woodmaster Woodworks, we like to think outside the box. So, we've gathered some of our favorite unique uses of greige that are NOT walls... 

Greige floors. If you can't decide between light or dark floors, go with greige. When choosing a floor color, keep in mind that there will most likely be a lot of it. It needs to be pleasing to the eye and match almost anything. If you're looking for a modern floor color, greige is your best choice, and there are so many variations of it!

Greige furniture is timeless. Especially if you have a stone fireplace in your living room, griege couches, chairs, and pillows will match perfectly. Griege is a stoney and earthy color, so if you're having trouble picking a color scheme for your living room, and you want it to feel welcoming, you can't go wrong with this new classic. 

Last but not least, we love these griege kitchen cabinets. To stand out from the white cabinets trend, choose this gorgeous tone with black hardware. It's totally different from your traditional cabinets, but safe at the same time. Greige cabinets are a fool proof way to cozy up your kitchen. We hope you enjoyed reading the Woodmaster Woodworks blog! See you next time.

Closets: A Pocket Of Unseen Potential!

Closets are a main source of storage in our home or office.  However, what happens when you have a closet that isn't being utilized? Or Perhaps it's filled with junk you are needing to donate or giveaway.

  The first step is the clean out the space and donate all the unused items or have a garage sale.  Next call up Woodmaster Woodworks for a FREE ESTIMATE and come armed with your ideas of what you want to do with this potential space!

   Need some inspiration for ideas?  Check out our Pinterest and Houzz profiles for some awesome ideas. Our boards and idea books are a great place to start brainstorming for ideas to convert your once overlooked space into a place that you will be flocking to!

Kids room with loft bed

 Depending on the size of the closet you can turn it into various usable spaces that are unique and truly a space that will be used over and over again. Add a window if the closet is near the outside of the home for added interest!

Here's some ideas to get you started:

- Beauty Room or Vanity
- Home Office
- Scarp Booking Room
- Meditation Room
- Reading Nook
- Library
- Children's Play House
- Artist Studio
- Butlers Pantry
- Wet Bar
-Laundry Room
-China Cabinet
-Bunk Beds
-Jewelry Rooms
- Pet Bed or Kennel

Bunk Beds! Kids will love this!

Breakfast Bar


Changing Table

Little Boys Reading Space

A cozy bed area for small rooms!

China Cabinet

What ideas can you come up with?

Ask us today for more details and we can make your lonely closet a spectacular space!

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