Beadboard Ideas for Your Home

Beadboard Ideas for Your Home

Chances are, you've seen beadboard in your local home improvement stores, on HGTV, Pinterest, and Houzz. Here are some uses for this budget-friendly, yet luxurious addition.

Now and Then: Decade Do-Overs (The '70s)

The word "timeless" typically refers to objects that have a lasting presence and/or aesthetic effect.  However, this term does not describe the various home decor styles that soaked in the limelight and then quickly vanished during the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s.  In spite of these hasty home happenings, appearances of such decade specific patterns, styles, and designs are making their way back into the abodes of homeowners everywhere.  But this time...they may be here to stay.


Large patterns and brightly
colored cabinets make this a
 classic '70s kitchen
The '70s can be identified as an era full of peace, love, and...neon carpets?!
 Although the neon carpet probably isn't a modern update for hip homeowners, unlike previous decades, the '70s classic kitchen had an abundance of space and storage to contain the technologies and appliances that were becoming standard amenities. Additionally, built-in desks, beds, and other furniture were introduced during this distinctive decade.

Notice the extensive built-in bookshelf along the back wall.


Large kitchens, expansive storage units and built-ins are not unfamiliar territory in the modern household (thanks to the '70s).  Although these added spaces are becoming standard among homeowners, the variety and designs are endless. 

Although spacious kitchens began in the '70s, bright white and tons of storage make this modern day kitchen a timeless piece. 

Additionally, paneling used on the walls of family rooms and recreational rooms were a result of the '70s.  While most homes are panel-free (from the traditional brown vertical panels), there are still traces of paneling...but with a modern flare.  

Custom paneling:  Beadboard recessed panels with applied moulding and crown detail

Although we may not return to neon carpets and retro color palettes, we must be thankful for what the '70s have attributed to modern day homes.  Where would we be without our spacious kitchens, beautiful built-ins, and The Bee Gees?

Arch you glad !? The various uses of this stunning architectural structure!

Arches are an architectural detail that 
homeowners and potential home buyers flock to.

They can be in a doorway or pass 
through or divide up a large open layout room.

We also especially like the the way arches can be added into a room by a window or above a bed or leading into a bed nook.

We selected some gorgeous inspirational photos of some arches used in variety of way in different rooms.

Arches can take on many different shapes and sizes from round, to oval, square and custom cut out shapes.  They are customizable to any individual's taste and space. 

Stunning white cabinetry and a flowing arch

Rustic beams and accentuating arches 

White paneled arch that leads into a bed nook

Tray ceiling with arched bed frame and column built-ins

Stain grade square paneled arch to match 
accent stain grade molding

Kitchen Built-Ins with Double Entry Arches

Modern minimalistic arches and paneled columns

A Simple dining room entry arch

Where is your favorite place for an arch in your home?