Custom Mudroom

When designing a mudroom, think of how your family will utilize the space. Smaller children are more likely to hang their coats on a hook, versus opening a door to put on a hanger. Having an open slot to place shoes may be used more frequently than having to pull out a drawer and place shoes inside.

Mudrooms & Mudbenches

There are so many features that you can add to your homes these days. Take a look at my personal favorite - mudbenches! Some people opt for an entire mudroom in their home, but if you don't have that much space, a great alternative is a mudbench.

They're usually placed in your entry way or in a nook close to the door. These little gems are great for families or homes with roommates. You can store all of your items that you need when you go out - hats, coats, backpacks, keys, shoes, etc.

Some even have mirrors for last looks before running out the door, or cork-boards to remember events or grocery lists. 

Running a household is never easy, and keeping it clean is even harder. That's why I love the ease of mudbenches - it's the first thing you see when you come home, and the last you see when you leave. So everything is in one place, and stored neatly out of the way.

You can customize mudbenches to meet the style and needs of your home. So add a charging station for your phones, laptops and tablets, put a dog/cat bed underneath for your pets to play, or paint it with each person's name on their space.

These are just a few of the mudbench designs created by Woodmaster Woodworks that I love. Feel free to check out more on our website, facebook, houzz & pinterest profiles. Or contact us for a FREE in-home estimate 919-554-3707!

Mudrooms (For your muddy things and your not so muddy things)

You know seasons have changed when you start seeing longer sleeves, boots, sweaters, hats, and coats  walking through your hometown or local grocery store.  With that in mind, it can be difficult to find space to fit these thicker, larger items.  Even the day to day items such as boots and coats don't always have a place to call home.  

Fortunately there are mudrooms.  

Mudroom (source: Wikipedia)a casual, generally secondary entryway intended as an area to remove and store footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the main house. As well as providing storage space, a mud room serves to increase the cleanliness of a house proper. 

Mudrooms Come in Many Styles and Sizes

Use board and batten along with built-in shelves, a bench, and hooks to make your perfect storage space.
Image from House & Home

Use baskets to create a niche for every unplaced item.
Image: Bonasty

Mudrooms can also make a statement with bold colors.  Use corbels to add detail or give your mudroom an aged look with stain.
Image: Simply Seleta

Again, don't be afraid to use color to accent your mudroom.  Plus, this gives guests an inviting and unique focal point as they arrive.  
Image: Ana White

All mudrooms are not standard size.  For some of you, space may be a precious commodity that you cannot spare.  Why not create more space with a well placed mudroom.

Use an ineffective closet to your advantage.

Image: The House of Smiths


Turn an unwanted or old armoir into a personalized place for any family member or guest to store his or her everyday items.
Image: DebbieTravis

Image: Paul Michael Company

Make the back drop of your mudroom unique by using beadboard, board and batten, or even vintage doors.

Image: Indulgy

Image: Beneath My Heart

Image: At Home with K

Whatever you desire, make it your own.  It's between you and your coats.