kitchen booths

Bench Warming: Built-in benches provide a cozy seat

Bench warming in sports is usually a bad thing.

Bench warming in your house is a great thing!

Bench Built-ins are useful investments 
and placement is KEY!

Mudroom benches are a perfect drop off point for book bags, sports equipment, shoes and other clutter that can end up in other areas of the house.  

These rooms are fairly new to the interior design world and work fantastic for kids and teenagers who have tons of stuff that needs to be toted around everyday.

A bench in a kitchen is called a banquette.
These usually go around a kitchen or dining table like a booth. 

The following pictures are perfect examples of 
benches we have actually installed in our homeowners houses!

This project is an example of a banquette we built for one of our customers

Here is another fantastic bench that also doubles as storage that we have completed.

This bench is a part of an entry way and features beadboard.
Another fantastic project for a happy homeowner.

Here is another beadboard built-in with a bench
 with cubbie storage underneath
 that we are proud to share

This is a common mudroom design with beadboard and hooks for jackets or other hanging items.
Cubbies are installed underneath the bench as well as above for additional overhead storage.
We love sharing our Woodmaster Woodworks customer 
projects after completion!  If you have any projects we have completed in the past that you are proud of please email to

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