drawer built-ins

Sneaky Kitchen Spaces! Fantastic Extra Storage Built-ins

Ahhhh, the kitchen....

Many say it's the most frequently used space in the house.

 This is a main source for food storage, preparing meals & grabbing a quick snack. It's a universal spot in each household.  Although kitchen design can vary, the overall function remains constant.

One of these functions is STORAGE!

Storage for food
Storage for utensils
Storage for pots and pans
Storage for dishes, glasses, bowls
Storage for kitchen appliances
Storage for food
Storage of appliances

Well you can catch our drift.

With so many items to store, it's a wonder we have any counter space at all to 
cook with or even decorate a kitchen theme!  

This is why cabinetry and built-ins 
are so key in not only creating storage for 
these items but also hiding them from plain view. 

 Most home owners would like to keep a clutter free kitchen that utilizes as little counter space as possible 
while allowing all of your important kitchen items to have a home of their own.

Organization is KEY!  Many of these built-in's create and allow for extra space so that pots pans, dishes and any other items that are normally found in the kitchen
 are not piled up or easily lost. 

At the end of the day (and the beginning) the kitchen is where the heart of the home is.  

A place where families gather for breakfast or a cup of coffee to start the day 
or a family meal when the day is done.

Even for gatherings in the homes of families and friends it is widely seen that the kitchen is the hub of the home.
A natural gathering place where people feel comfortable.

So it only makes sense to invest in gorgeous built-ins to save space and organize so there is more livable usable space to make memories that will last longer than any kitchen!