children's reading nook

Child's Play: Kid's Rooms with Spunk!

   A child's room is a place of freedom and their opportunity to claim their own independence.  In these spaces they are encouraged to express their individual personalities.  Bedrooms and Playrooms are where childhood memories are made with brothers, sisters and friends from school or the neighborhood.


A cozy bedroom that calms and eases your child to sleep is an investment.  Every parent wants a bedroom where their child actually looks forward to going to bed!  Story time and cuddles to sleep are a welcome scene in the rooms below.

This little girl's loft has a feminine light and airy color palette and a playroom loft above to store larger toys.

These custom detailed cut-outs for bunk
 beds are made for sleepovers!

This room gets the royal treatment with 
two twin beds that have a regal feel with fabric
 tufted headboards and mini canopies 

These beds are a perfect napping spot for when the 
play becomes too much for your little one!


Do you have a little star in the making?
This play room is perfect for setting
 the stage for your child's debut!
Complete with built in toy baskets to stow away toys and cushioned window seats.

This multipurpose play room combines several concepts such as daybed, library wall, kids table 
and built-in toy storage.

Who needs a globe or a map when you 
have a mural on the wall!
Great item for a chalk board table and a 
window seat with cozy throw pillows

This room would be perfect for a finished attic space.
There is a built in desk area for study time as well as built in storage  for toys and other supplies.

Here is a fantastic room-in-room library nook 
with a pedestal built-in seating 

Whether it's for fun time or rest time, these spaces are sure to gain the oohs and ahhs from friends and family.  The best part is having spaces in your own home that will attract and entertain your children and have them learning, laughing and exploring their own personalities inside the four walls of your home safe and sound. 

Closets: A Pocket Of Unseen Potential!

Closets are a main source of storage in our home or office.  However, what happens when you have a closet that isn't being utilized? Or Perhaps it's filled with junk you are needing to donate or giveaway.

  The first step is the clean out the space and donate all the unused items or have a garage sale.  Next call up Woodmaster Woodworks for a FREE ESTIMATE and come armed with your ideas of what you want to do with this potential space!

   Need some inspiration for ideas?  Check out our Pinterest and Houzz profiles for some awesome ideas. Our boards and idea books are a great place to start brainstorming for ideas to convert your once overlooked space into a place that you will be flocking to!

Kids room with loft bed

 Depending on the size of the closet you can turn it into various usable spaces that are unique and truly a space that will be used over and over again. Add a window if the closet is near the outside of the home for added interest!

Here's some ideas to get you started:

- Beauty Room or Vanity
- Home Office
- Scarp Booking Room
- Meditation Room
- Reading Nook
- Library
- Children's Play House
- Artist Studio
- Butlers Pantry
- Wet Bar
-Laundry Room
-China Cabinet
-Bunk Beds
-Jewelry Rooms
- Pet Bed or Kennel

Bunk Beds! Kids will love this!

Breakfast Bar


Changing Table

Little Boys Reading Space

A cozy bed area for small rooms!

China Cabinet

What ideas can you come up with?

Ask us today for more details and we can make your lonely closet a spectacular space!

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