ceiling medallions

What is this Beautiful Room?

Work done by Woodmaster Woodworks

Have you ever seen a simply glorious room or house and you wondered what is this or how did they do that? Maybe even thought, what do I call this to be able to look for it or a specific company to incorporate that into my own home? Well, I have often wondered all this- especially working here at Woodmaster Woodworks- I am mystified almost daily by their creations. So, I thought now would be a good time to take the blog back to a beginning with some broad terminology breakdown for your home's interior carpentry (not to boring, I hope) and maybe even follow up the next few blogs delving into certain rooms or segments further. With the blogs opening picture of this beautiful room, I am breaking down the woodworking terminology you will need to incorporate any of this rooms beauty into your own home but I will also add more pictures of other rooms or trim to help illustrate the definitions along the way.


The architectural definition of this is the exposed trim molding around doors or windows, it can be flat or molded. Casing comes in many different options from size to details and can really highlight your windows and doorways. Most homes built today have some form of casing, even if it is just the more cost effective and traditional styles.

Work Done by Woodmaster Woodworks 

In the picture above, the window casing surrounding all sides of the trio of windows helps to make the bay window in the dining area the stunning focal point of this room.

Crown Molding

Crown Molding is the molding that tops or "crowns" a surface or structure, usually referring to the molding used at the top of the walls where the ceiling meets the wall or crowns the wall. Again, like casing, crown molding comes in different options of wood species, size widths, paint versus stain, and detailing so there are many options. Since it is such a beautiful and decorative trim molding, it is commonly used for other purposes, as with the "crowning" of structures. Due to this, some of our custom built-in projects are adorned with crown molding. Crown is commonly used in more mid range to higher end homes today but it is virtually impossible to walk into a room, even a simple one, trimmed with crown molding and not take notice. 

All of these pictures are various crown molding trim, work done by Woodmaster Woodworks. The last photo is a custom built-in illustrating the use of crown molding at the top of the unit with keynote details to greatly enhance the beauty of this customers finished product. Also, the very top right corner of this last picture shows crown molding at the ceiling in the background.


Chair Rail

Chair rail is the railing that goes horizontally around a room traditionally it was installed 3 feet up from the floor to protect the walls from chairs and other furniture causing damage to the walls. Today it is used strictly for its beauty and to help add a separation to your room for color or wall panel design.

The pictures above all show various uses for chair rail. The top picture is a close up showing detail of the chair rail topping the panels, the second picture shows chair rail topping the panels at a distance as the last part of the white before color begins. The last picture is an amazing, unique, and gorgeous way to incorporate chair rail by building a custom stair case handrail. All work was again done by Woodmaster Woodworks.

Ceiling Medallion

 A Ceiling medallion is exactly what is sounds like, a typically circular piece of material that goes on the ceiling under a fixture for decorative purposes. They have many different designs, sizes, colors, materials, and shapes but circle is the most common. They are typically used under an elaborate light fixture or ceiling fan but can be used separately too. The opening picture showed a beautiful, large, lacy style ceiling medallion under the chandelier with a standard ceiling. The next picture shows another style of medallion, also circular but this one is set into a tray ceiling that is defined as a rectangular architectural feature recessed or inverted. Tray Ceilings have a layered, cut into appearance with intricate trim details as shown in the same picture as the ceiling medallion below. They are another beautiful option that I may delve more into on my next blog.


The last part of our beautiful room from the beginning picture is the wall panels. For many of us, the idea of wall paneling or panels paints a horrible picture in our minds of hideous fake panels that made a room darker or did not justify it. Fortunately for us, those days are gone and we are back to the antique or historical look that has always been breath taking and classic. Panels offer many options for design, style, color, and more. Regardless of what options appeal to you, they are all simply stunning and set any room apart.

All three pictures above show various panel styles, all different, all gorgeous. The first is a wainscoting panel in white, the second is double stacked panels, and the last is an entire room done in stain grade recessed panels. All work done by Woodmaster Woodworks.

I hope this has helped to clear up some custom interior carpentry questions or even open new doors for you. I do plan on blogging a little more on this topic so if you have a room or idea on this or another topic, please feel free to comment back. Thank you for following our blog!