carrie bradshaw closet

Look out Carrie Bradshaw! We've got your closet beat!

Is is just us, or did Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" have it right when she said: "I like my money right where I can see my closet"?

If you cherish your clothes, shoes and purses as your prized possessions then you should definitely think about investing in a space where you can showcase your treasures!

If it's high time for you to upgrade your current closet into a room/wardrobe like these below than stay tuned!

Woodmaster Woodworks specializes in custom built closets with shelving, storage, shoe racks, customized dressers and cabinetry, tie racks or even built in seating. If you can pin it on pinterest or houzz or spot it on TV or in a magazine we can bring it life!

Check out some of our custom designs from some very satisfied homeowners we have handcrafted custom cabinetry and closet spaces for in the past.

Or perhaps you want a closet similar to Mrs. Bradshaw's but on a smaller scale? Then look no further than Woodmaster Woodworks to make your closet dreams come true!

Scaled back version of the ultra chic closet
by Woodmaster Woodworks

Do you have closet fever?

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