bedroom lofts

Lofty Ideas: Add Height for Extra Built-In Space!

Let's face it, Lofts are just...FUN!  Most times when a loft is in a cabin, room, apartment, vacation house it earns the praises of  "Oh cool a loft!" or "Wow, I want to go up there!"

It's the natural human curiosity to want to explore a space that is secluded from the natural intending room. Especially when the entry to this extra heightened area is led by a small or spiral staircase or even more fun a ladder!

Let's not forget to mention all the practical uses for a loft.

  • Home office
  • Artist Studio
  • Play Room
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Extra Storage for Commercial spaces or businesses

Lofts can be built into a room on different size scales depending on the available space and the design that is the intended goal.

For small spaces, lofts turn the room or area into double the space by giving a bedroom a "lift".  For example a bed may initial take up virtually an entire floor surface area of a bedroom.  However with a loft you are allotted the extra space for a desk, dresser, couch or just general moving and living space.  

A wooden banister gives an "overlook" and draws attention to the airy open space.

In regards to larger rooms with very open layouts. Lofts add a dynamic level to the open space. 

Making it feel more full, rich and robust. 

     Don't forget about all the fun details like built-ins, staircases and banisters that Woodmaster Woodworks can help fabricate and install the ideal loft area that you have always dreamed of!

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