Pallet garden

Pallets Revisited...

Pallets Revisited... 


We have done two previous blogs on the use of pallets, but in todays reduce and reuse world, we really wanted to revisit this topic. If you are a follower of our blog, you know Woodmaster Woodworks is a custom cabinet and carpentry company and we build custom wood projects that are unique to the individual and home. We also have very high standards for our products and some of these pallet ideas even get us excited. There are so many great ideas out there for the DIY'er, great pallet availability for free or low cost, and with some time, patience, and a little labor of love you will have a simply stunning unique masterpiece that is all your own.  


Painted Pallets 

 Source: Pinterest: Beyond the picket fence
This is a slat of wood from a pallet that shows how wonderful they are with color. This particular one was painted, then overlaid with stain. It reminds me of a beautiful peacock feather with the texture and multiple coloring. I was picking up material for our company last week and an employee there told me his neighbor took an entire pallet whole and painted the American flag on it for a yard decoration and it turned out amazing. The possibilities are truly endless and up to the Picasso at heart.

 Pallet Wall

 Source: Pinterest:
A pallet wall would be that patience and labor of love I mentioned previously but the end product is beyond-- Wow! It is really versatile, could be used anywhere- a garage, basement, den, family room, living room, mud room, etc. Not many homes can boast, I have a pallet wall and with so many design ideas and stain ideas it is sure to be a focal point in your home. 

Pallet Shelving  

 Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest: Houzz
Both shelving ideas for pallets pictured above are very different but beautifully designed and incorporated into your home. Both pallets have a few slats removed or may be using the back side to incorporate easier shelving, the first is stained, the second is painted. The garden shelf uses two sets of pallets back to back for the corner shelf style and I really love the added wooden crate table (possibly a future blog post). The garden shelf also could be used for your garden outside with exterior paint, stacking, or added post. It would make a wonderful trellis or small fence. Either way, the pallet shelf is definitely a different shelf than any you have seen before and just as beautiful if not more so than any traditional shelf and would be an excellent gift for someone who has absolutely everything. I can almost guarantee they do not have this.

Pallet Bed Frame with Headboard

source: pinterest
Three different pallet bed frames with headboard options are shown here: painted, natural and dark stain. Any type of mattress or mattress and box spring set should work with the design, especially if you added brackets to keep it in place. I really like this simple design, my only suggestion to this one would be using more pallets to stack the bed higher, or getting really creative and using 4 or 6 wooden crates around the sides and bottom as extra storage space in between the extra pallets towards the bottom. I'm not as young as I used to be and this would be very difficult to get off of as it is shown. However, it would be an excellent toddler bed for little ones with it so close to the floor!

Pallet Patio


It is a really tough decision but I think of all the pallet ideas from this and our previous posts, this is my personal favorite. Again, lots of time, patience, a few power tools, and a labor of love but the end product is gorgeous and distinctive. The pallet patio was done over cracked cement, stained and really gave this home a whole new look. The cement step down (not shown) was also covered in pallet wood and the metal rail was also turned into a wooden post. The how to and finished product can be found at the source above but I was so impressed, I am currently looking for lots of pallets to incorporate this into a back deck design. 
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