Pallet dresser

Top Ten Pallet Ideas!

   Chances are you have seen all the DIY projects involving wooden palettes already.  If not check out our previous post on pallets.  There's countless ideas and it's indeed hard to keep up with them all.

Luckily your friends at Woodmaster Woodworks have got you covered.  We researched high and low and pin pointed the....

 Top Ten Pallet Ideas! 

10.  A Children's Corner Reading Nook

  9. An Outdoor Couch 

  8. A Dresser 

 7. An Outdoor Planter Table

 6. Used as an Accent Wall

 5. A Rustic Headboard 

    4. A Lounge Chair 

3. A Garden Stand

    2. A Swing Chair

1. An Outdoor Shower

So did we miss any?

What are some of your favorite Pallet ideas?

But more importantly now that you have all these ideas....

Where do you score some FREE PALLETS?

We found this great blog on tips of getting your pallets for Free!