Cabinetry Care & Cleaning Guidelines

You've finally gotten your cabinetry or built-ins installed, and they look great! When it's time to dust and clean them, are you aware of which products are safe, and which products you should avoid?

A Google search leads you to thousands of results; many of the top results giving you incorrect ways to clean your custom cabinetry. The main problem? These websites are trying to sell you something, have outdated information, and none of them have any idea of your cabinetry finish or material.

One thing we hear from past and repeat clients: our finish process is excellent. With two coats of primer/stain, 2 coats of lacquer, and sanded between each coat, you know you're receiving a great product. Your end result is a durable custom project that should be treated like the fine furniture it is.

See the video below for your care and cleaning guidelines.