Space Saving and Organization Ideas for Any Home

A few of our past blogs have touched on this topic but it was not the focus and I would like to delve a little more into space saving and organization ideas for your home. If you are like most of us, it doesn't matter the size of your home to begin with, you tend to outgrow it in time. Whether from additions to your family, larger furniture, more belongings, the end result is the same- your home seems cluttered with no extra storage space, junk drawers, or rooms, messy attics, garages, and basements. When you need to find something, chances are you find everything but that particular thing. It seems at first that buying a larger home is the answer but I can tell you from experience that is not necessarily true. When I was first married, I lived in a small 900 square foot home that we did quickly outgrow with just a few furry additions to our family, more furniture, and more stuff. About 10 years after our careers took off, we upgraded to a 2200 square foot home that over time began to offer not much more room than our original home with only one more furry addition and a feathered one (yes, we are the proud parents of 3 Kitties and a Parrot). So, I knew something needed to be done. Obviously, if you have more children than bedrooms or have parents or older children that come to live with you maybe a larger home is the option but for the rest of us, there are many easier and less expensive alternatives to working with the space that already exists within our home.

Cleaning out the Clutter
Step 1 is no doubt the hardest to do. If it was easy, we wouldn't be in this place to begin with. We have to clean out our homes and get rid of things we do not use or have not used in some time. If you are holding on to things because they may be useful one day but they are in a closet or drawer and have been for five years, its a good chance that you can do without them. The same is true for clothing. I know as a female, it is hard to part with smaller sizes in particular, but every time I have lost a significant amount of weight, I got new clothes because that is part of the excitement and my old ones had become outdated anyway. The good news about cleaning out everything is that you get to see what you truly have, keep what you must, and you can have a yard sale or donate what you do not use to a local thrift store or Goodwill for a tax write off while you are also helping others in your community. The end result will make the hard work and giving up your life's clutter worth it and it is an excellent start to getting your home into shape for more space saving ideas.  
Space Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen
Regardless of the amount of clutter you are able to part with, the kitchen seems to be the room that creates the most obstacles for many people. If your home did not come with adequate cabinet, pantry, drawer, and storage space this can seem like a daunting and nearly impossible task. Companies like Woodmaster Woodworks do offer various options for homeowners to refinish, rebuild, or replace custom cabinets either matching your existing cabinetry or all new designs that offer more storage options, customized built in pantries, center islands with multiple options, and many other custom woodworking projects to help even the smallest spaces offer more options.  If you are fortunate enough to have enough cabinet and storage space but need organizing ideas, I have included some easy to incorporate pictures below.
Work Done By Woodmaster Woodworks
Work Done By Woodmaster Woodworks
Island Custom Built Pictured by Woodmaster Woodworks
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Excellent space saving idea above, just install a closet rod and rod cups under your sink cabinet to see and grab all your cleaning products with a quick glance.

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Another excellent and easy to incorporate idea is using closet shelving in your pantry offering organization and better visibility to access what you need quickly and easily.   
Large Spaces
Its inevitable for most of us, the large spaces of our home such as a spare room, garage, or attic tends to accumulate stuff piled upon stuff. If we completed the painful step one, hopefully these spaces are in better shape now but could still use some organization. Some great ideas Woodmaster Woodworks has incorporated into these spaces for homeowners is adding a mud bench to the garage, turning an attic or basement into elaborate stained paneled game rooms (or man caves), and adding  library built ins. I am again including some additional examples of simple and easy organization for your garage.
Mud bench installed beside garage door custom built by Woodmaster Woodworks
Custom Window seat and double built ins in finished Attic by Woodmaster Woodworks
Stained Recessed Wall Panel Game Room done by Woodmaster Woodworks
Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Using existing studs in your attic, garage, or basement you can  add simple shelves and brackets to create added storage.
Any Space
My all time favorite idea for any space saving and home organization is a custom created and  crafted built in. A built in can be any occasional furniture such as a hutch, desk, bookcases, combinations or variations depending on your needs, style, budget, and most importantly space. Woodmaster Woodworks has created many astonishing, sleek, and versatile built ins to help homeowners save space, create more storage, and help with organization.
Sleek Design Custom Built In with Antique Finish Built by Woodmaster Woodworks

Double Mantle with Dual Built Ins Custom Built by Woodmaster Woodworks

Before and After of a small, virtually useless corner with a custom built in offering beauty, adjustable shelves, multiple cabinets, lots of storage, and display space custom built by Woodmaster Woodworks.
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I hope some of these ideas have helped to give you the inspiration to save space and find more organization in your home. As always, we thank you for following Woodmaster Woodworks Blog and welcome comments and other inspirations!