Shapes, Colors, and Patterns: Be Bold in 2014!

The New Year brings inspiration.  Inspiration to get fit, inspiration to eat healthier, and inspiration to cleanse, clean, and declutter.  With inspiration in the air, the New Year is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and to add some boldness to your life.  

1. Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors can add contrast and pop to any room.  Although white can be sleek, color can add a punch to the room that will have your friends and neighbors wanting to visit year round.

Source: Trend Kitchen Cabinets
Source: The Project Girl

Source: Beautifully Coastal

2. Bold Patterns

Bold patterns can tell a lot about a person.  Allow your unique personality to shine by adding some of your favorite patterns to any piece of furniture!

Source: Courtney Lane
Source: Kristen F. Davis Designs
Source: Kristen F. Davis Designs

3. Bold Shapes

The most unique pieces are typically those with lots of character and details.  Make your home stand out by adding custom shapes, sizes, and details to your built-in, mud bench, window seat, or any other project you can think of!
Resolution: Be bold this New Year!