A Spirit of Thankfulness: Living Rooms

This week, we have decided to show our thankfulness for warm living areas.  So often, many go without homes.  Those of us who do have warm homes, have the opportunity to extend hospitality to those around us.  With these things in mind, there are three particular items for which we are thankful.

1. A warm gathering place to host friends and loved ones

Living rooms are the perfect place for guests to rest, relax, and catch up on past memories and present plans.  A living room with detail and finishing touches can be inviting and lovely as guests gather near the fireplace and mantel while the weather is brisk and chilly.

Source: Interior Wall Designs

Source: Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc.

Source: Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc.

2. The ability to have fun and entertain

What's a gathering with friends without some games to play or movies to watch?  Built-ins can be an eye catching and effective way to store and hide your board games and movies.  Allow those built-ins to contain the clutter while you and your guests quarrel over whether a word is or is not in the dictionary.

Source: Cindy Ray Interiors

Source: My Home Ideas 
Source: Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc.

3. Beauty

Lastly, we are thankful for beauty. From a wall full of windows, we have the opportunity to gaze at and admire nature.  Within our homes, beauty is often present as well.  A coffered ceiling, a gorgeous mantel, detailed trim, or sophisticated columns can add beauty to any area of your home.  

Source: Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc.

Source: Lisa Mallory Interior Design
Source: Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc.

We have much to be thankful for.  Let's keep in mind all that we have and be generous to those who have little.