Modern Floating Cabinets

Woodmaster Woodworks is going to wrap up this week of blogging with a final thought about modern built-ins. Another new and upcoming trend in modern decor is the floating shelf or floating cabinet. At Woodmaster Woodworks, we've had inquisitions from homeowners regarding floating built-ins, and we absolutely love them! So often we get calls from homeowners that want traditional built-ins, which we also love. But it's always exciting to be able to branch out into some new trends, and we really do appreciate the aesthetic appeal of floating cabinetry. 

Floating cabinets create optical illusion and can add great appeal to any room, but as the above vanities lack storage, they have been supplemented with extra floating shelves that add funky geometric design to the room. 

Floatins cabinetry can add lots of storage however, and if you look at the above cabinet, you'll notice that it's almost the length of the entire wall. It stops short of the floor in order to incorporate an extra modern feel to the room- and look at the cabinet hardware- long and sleek in order to polish the style! 

Finally, be aware that floating cabinets can go in any room- including mudrooms and living rooms, and they make quite a statement. The built-ins above incorporate modern floating shelving and cube storage spaces. That coupled with the black and white color theme make this room eye catching and the built-in totally stunning.