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Woodmaster Woodworks provides QUALITY
workmanship at a fair and competitive price.
Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Finish Carpentry/Trim
Interior Trim

* Interior Trim are decorative features usually made of wood including chair rail,

* Interior Trim is made of wood & composite intended to add to the aesthetic
elements & decorative detail that covers your homes.

* General interior trim term are for all the finish molding, casing, baseboard, etc.

* If your home has plain drywall interiors or dated molding, adding new trim can
often change the entire feel of a room.
Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry is the carpentry performed at the end of a building job. Finish
carpentry add the finishing touches to a home. Generally, finish carpentry
includes any carpentry which will be visible when the project is complete
(molding, stairs, cabinets, arches, bookcase, built-in etc) in contrast with the rough
carpentry which is covered up during the building process. Finish carpentry
requires special skills and a very good eye for detail, and an experienced finish
carpenter can be in high demand.

Building or remodeling any structure is done in a series of stages. At each stage,
different specialists may be involved, making sure that the work is done properly,
and protecting the structural integrity of the building. Finish carpenters come in at
the end of the job, when everything is in place and installed and it's time to apply
the last details. These professionals make sure that everything is finished off and
that the project looks aesthetically pleasing

Finish carpentry includes things like trim, molding, and installation of hardware
such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, and so forth.  Essentially, if it's going to be visible
for the life of the structure, it is considered finish carpentry. The finish carpentry
consists of all of the fine details which people notice when they look at a
Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry offers the most options for style and design. With custom
cabinets you'll have multiple choices for wood type, shape, size, glaze, finish,
hardware, frame style and more. This is the most expensive option when it comes
to cabinetry.

* Custom Cabinetry  is designed and built to a customer's specification and
intended to fit into a single location.

* Custom Cabinets are built to suit very specific needs. Custom cabinets are
generally not limited to product lines, dimensions or design. Custom cabinets are
typically more expensive at Woodmaster Woodworks. We offer the best value

* Custom Cabinetry term is commonly used to define cabinets which have a wide
range of options for customization when ordered. Custom cabinets will range
from middle to high end in pricing. They are generally higher quality using better
materials and construction methods than Stock and Semi-custom cabinets.

* Custom cabinets are designed and made specifically for your home. You can
choose from a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and finishes. Custom  cabinets
represent the high end of quality at a competitive cost, and can feature any
number of wood types and a wide range of construction and aesthetic detailing.
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Custom Cabinetry
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