why do cats crawl in small spaces?

Catacular! A Wooden Feline Jungle

If you have a cat that you love and adore, you know just how curious they can be.

You are bound to find them in the most peculiar of places, such as boxes, cabinets, trash cans, drawers.....well you get the picture.

If it's a small space, a cat will find it's way into it. Even if it's higher than you think they can reach. Did you know a cat can jump 7 times their tail length?!

But WHY do Cats do this?

According to Vetstreet.com here are 3 reasons:

  1. Smaller spaces are safer. Most cats who need to sleep deeply will seek out a denlike structure. A bathroom sink, as it turns out, seems more secure to a cat than a couch.
  2. Wild cats require stealth for survival. So it is that hiding in small spaces helps cats be more successful.
  3. If you’re about to give birth, a comfy hidey-hole is just the ticket. Momma cats are unlikely to birth their babies in places predators can see them.
  4. Cats like to be warm. Small spots are quite simply cozier.

Luckily We are no stranger to creating these cat-friendly environments for your home!

The pictures below are a recently finished project by Woodmaster Woodworks in which we were able to construct and install various wooden shelves fit for any cat's fancy!

You can see how the cats can travel among the series of shelves, which are a beautifully decorated jungle in their honor that also blends perfectly with the rest of the homes design and interior.

If you're tired of your cat or cats taking up residence in the smallest of confined spaces that you are having trouble finding them, we suggest this much more visually appealing alternative. 

Constructing a wooden feline jungle is not only a cool and creative way to display things in your home, but now you can get rid of the unsightly towers, cat trees and other decorative blunders that take the class and style away from your interior designed spaces!

If you or someone you know needs a fantastic systems of shelves or other wooden platforms for your kitties to play, sleep and frolic in, please give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE at 

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