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How to have a garage sale!

Does your garage look like this??

When you walk into your garage to get something, do you quickly run right back out because of the disorganization?  Or maybe you would LOVE to park your cars or vehicles in your actual garage but there is too much junk, boxes and other random items piled up over the years that a car can't even get inside the building!

Take our advice!  Since it's the summer time take your next day 
off or stay-cation and have a clean out the garage day! 

Sift through each item in the garage and make some decisions on what to do next.  We know it seems overwhelming, but if you get started now, each item brings you closer to being done!

Go through each pile, drawer, box and area of the garage and divide into 3 piles and label with 3 colors of sticky notes.  Indicate each item by using a different colored sticky note.  

Make 3 piles:

1) Keep: This pile will be dedicated to the items that you want to keep and need to find a place for either in the house or garage.

2) Donate: This pile will be dedicated to the items that you have no use for anymore but are still in good condition and while they may not be good enough to re-sell you can donate them for a tax write off.

3) Sell: This pile will be dedicated items that you don't have any use for but that you know someone else would want and would pay for.

4) Trash: This pile will be dedicated to the items that have seen better days 
and their next home should be the dumpster.

For the stuff that you have indicated as in good enough condition to sell, have a garage sale!

Remember doing it with other households or groups such as work or neighborhoods drives more crowds because there is more selection.  

Be sure to make signs at least one week in advance and post around your neighborhood and main intersections.  Also put an ad on craigslist or other local free ad site to spread the word.

When the big day comes, get a good nights sleep the night before because you should be set up and ready to go by 7 am at the latest. Most seasoned garage sale shoppers realize that the early bird gets the worm and the best of the selection is gone by mid-morning.  Be sure to have ample parking for your shoppers.

Label all of your items with fair and reasonable prices.  Remember, odds are you will not be getting the same value you paid for the item, so price low and to sell.  Most people will be fine with a fair price but there will be plenty of wheelers and dealers out there who are ready to negotiate.

Keep you cash in a lock box. fanny pack or wallet that you have on hand in case you need change during the transactions.

After a successful morning and afternoon, take the rest of your items that haven't been sold and either auction them individually on craigslist or donate them. By now you should have gained lots of space and a much more clutter free and spacious garage!

Now....What do you spend with your new-found earnings and cash that your old treasures brought in?

We suggest putting the cash back into your home and making an investment home improvement project.  Surely there are plenty of items that you decided to keep.  A organized space with built-ins, shelving and other storage units that are custom built for your garage is a fantastic way to get your garage into pristine condition.  Woodmaster Woodworks can offer you a free estimate on any of the designs you see below or any ideas you would like to bring to us! Call us for a free estimate 919-554-3707 or request an estimate online here: Request estimate online

This is for anybody who needs some extra height when storing items.
 These drawers are designer to slide in  and out and be used to climb the higher storage levels.

Custom built locker style units with cabinets, shelving and tool storage area.

If you have a more finished garage, this is a classy style of built in.

Shelving unit with paneled bead-board, drawers and peg walls for tools,
 check out the finished wood counter tops!

Tons of shelving for this built-in garage storage work shop!

Here's a mudroom that can be added to the garage or sectioned off
from the space with storage cubes and benches.

If you're laundry area is in your garage check out this space of built-ins
fit for a stack-able washer/dryer unit.

Pull out storage shelves with open shelving for easy access to other items

Simple shelving unit for the coupon bulk storage user

Great storage unit for the sports and outdoor equipment

Lastly with all these new found space remember that you can store two of your biggest investments and something you probably need to protect everyday...Your Cars!

That is what the garage was originally intended to store anyway, Right?