Make Way For Fall: Seasonal Cleaning and Organization

Often, we think of spring as the season for cleaning and organizing.  But, why not use fall as a time to do the same?  With the change of weather (and clothes) and the holidays in the not so distant future, use this season as a time to clean up and clear out the clutter.  

Organization 101

1. Clothes

Fall and winter bring colder weather.  Swap your warmer weather attire for your cool caps, scarves, boots, sweaters, and coats.  If you have the advantage of having a separate closet, use it!  Separate closets can be a great way to divide your bulky coats and hats from your soak-in-the-sun wear.  If this is not an option, consider using cotton garment boxes or large zippered plastic bags.

2. Towels

Not every person has the privilege of having ample space for every item.  However, you can expand your space by rolling your towels (or any other fabric item).  Use the space you save with your towels to make room for items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, an iron, or other toiletries.

Source: An American in Sicily

3. Papers

Between mail, recipes, coupons, receipts, and other documents, paper items can cause a lot of clutter.  Consider scanning important documents, such as receipts, bills, and recipes, into the computer to relieve yourself of paper overload.  If you prefer hard copies, designate a drawer with folders to hold your hard copies.  Also, be sure to get rid of any junk mail that may come through the door by trashing it or shredding it as soon as you receive it.  If you collect coupons, check your assortment each week and get rid of expired or unnecessary coupons.

4. Home Decor

Don't allow past seasonal items to take up precious space.  Organize your seasonal items in bins and drawers.  For Christmas items, consider this method of storage.  You can also use crates and clear bins to store seasonal decor.  Consider using a four drawer system (one for each season) to organize the seasonal nick-knacks.

Source: Kuzak's Closet


1.  Clean while your organize

While you organize that coffee table that has had the same magazine and vase since moving in, be sure to take advantage of your time.  While you focus on organizing different areas of your home, clean them too.  You'll feel like you moved into a new home!

2. Have a Routine

Although we can tend to have cleaning binges, why not delegate certain days to clean certain rooms.  This way, you always end up having a clean home at the end of the week.  

3. Don't Procrastinate

After putting in a few hours of cooking, most of us don't want to clean up the mess we've made.  However, saving it for later only creates more work.  Do yourself a favor and clean while you go.  Once you've used something, clean it!  It will allow more time for you to invest in the people and things you love.

Want More Space?

Feeling like you don't have enough space even after you organize, consider built-ins as an option.  They are custom made to your taste, functional, and they add space without having to add square footage to your home.  

The other option is to consider donating those items that you don't need to a local shelter or store.  With the holiday season and colder weather around the corner, many individuals can benefit from your donation.