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DIY Gifts for Mother's Day by Interests

Mother's Day is on its way.  Whether you are ready for it or not, it's coming!  For those of you who procrastinate (or who don't), I figured this post would be a great way to round up some ideas that you can do for the different "types" of mom's in your life.  Just follow the links under each photo!

1)  The "Green Thumb" Mom

This is the mom that likes to be outside.  She enjoys gardening, being in the sun, taking in all that nature has to offer!

17 DIY Garden Ideas
Source: Beauty Harmony Life

Stone Garden Markers
Source: Garden Therapy

2) The "Mocha" Mom

This mom loves her cup of Java.  They know her at (every) Starbucks and they make her beverage before she even gets there.  This mom may be highly dangerous if she has not had her caffeine fill for the day.

An In-Home Coffee Bar
Source: Schaaf House

If you are looking for a simpler version, here it is...and it's on wheels so Mom can have coffee anywhere she goes! : )

Note: This link does not have directions on how to make this coffee bar.
Source: For the Home

For a simpler idea....

10 Hand Painted Mugs
Source: Homedit

3) The "Technological" Mom

This mom loves all things electronic.  From, iPads to eReaders to cell phones and everything in between, this mom always has the latest gadget.  She is never without her electronic devices.  She can frequently be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social media site.  

DIY iPad Cover & Stand
Source: Practically Functional
Or, you could organize your Mom's technology nook (aka Office).  Take a look at these simple "hacks" and  organization ideas.  That way she can spend more time doing what she likes...socializing!

Smart Home Office Designs
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

4) The "Crafty" Mom

This mom loves her DIY projects.  Whether it's photography, building something, sewing or quilting, this mom knows how to make something awesome from scratch.  If you get homemade Christmas sweaters every year, you probably should look into the following gifts for this type of mom.

How To Sew Cases, Bags, and Buckets
Source: How About Orange

Polaroid-esque Coasters
Source: Darkroom and Dearly

5) The "All Natural" Mom

This mom typically shops at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Trader Joe's.  She buys only organics and she can frequently be found purchasing only beauty products, foods, and other items that are full of health benefits and lack in chemicals.

Source: Don't Mess With Mama

39 DIY Cleaning Products for Pennies
Source: Popsugar
Although your mom may not want a bunch of cleaning products for Mother's Day, why not present these to her and then give her the gift of a day off...and you can clean instead!

6) The "Fashionista" Mom

This mom is up to date on fashion.  She knows what is in style and what should never be worn again.  This mom never wears anything twice.  She loves accessorizing and shoes!

Source: Born in '82

23 Amazing and Easy DIY Shoes and Bags Projects
Source: Syle Motivation

Hope this gives you many gift ideas for how to celebrate your mom!

Please note, some moms may fall into more than one category or no category at all.  This post is not all inclusive and only touches on a few select mom types.