Innovative & Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts

Nothing says "I really care" like a homemade gift! This Christmas, take some time to get crafty and show your loved ones how much you care with some (or all) of these unique and creative gift ideas!

Chalkboard Planner

Want that cool gift that keeps giving all year? Try this one out! Take an old window (found at many flea markets, swap meets, yard sales etc.) and paint the windows with different color chalkboard paint. Then, label each day of the work week. You can go one step further and paint the frame with magnetic paint to add another useful element! 

This crafty and innovative idea came from Better Homes & Gardens. For more information, check out this link below: 

Chalkboard Planner Instructions

  Santa Party Mix: 

It's not Christmas until Aunt Kathy makes her famous Chex-Mix, am I right? This party mix is precious and delicious...and will stand out against the the other holiday party mixes. So, bring this to a holiday party, or just make it as a gift this season, but it is a treat for all senses! 

I can't get enough of the Santa Hats! You could also dye them green and throw a few elves in there. The link to the tutorial is found below, courtesy of Cookies & Cups. 

Santa Party Mix Tutorial 

Cutting Board: 

This one does require a basic understanding of woodworking (trust us, we're experts). Don't let that deter you though, it's actually easier than you may think! It is worth asking a few questions in order to make one of these for the chefs (or aspiring chefs) in your life. Please follow the tutorial below - we would love to see what you come up with! This tutorial is courtesy of

Cutting Board Tutorial

Bird's Nest Necklace: 

I'm not crafty enough to make jewelry on a regular basis, but these necklaces are cute enough to inspire me to learn!  These necklaces look amazing and yet are inexpensive enough to make for your entire family. My favorite part is the fact that it looks like I spent $20-$50 on this necklace, and really it was only about $5 to make! This idea is courtesy of Sarah Ortega. You can see her link below for a step-by-step tutorial. 

Bird's Nest Necklace Tutorial

Recycled Keepsake Box

Here is a gift that will cost you next to nothing! Take an old book (or buy one of his/her favorites) and turn it into a keepsake box. This gift is perfect for hiding your keepsakes in plain sight! So whether you're saving old love letters, or your son's little toy soldiers, this box is dynamic for any age group or gender. 

This idea came from Better Homes & Gardens. You can find the tutorial by clicking the link below. 

Recycled Keepsake Box Tutorial