hide kennels in home

Pet Places and Spaces: Hiding your pet stuff!

If you have a furry family member, no doubt they are part of the family and even though they may not have their own room, they most likely have their favorite spots in the house.

Make a cozy and comfy spot for your pet with a custom built-in pet space from Woodmaster Woodworks!

Not only do these built ins give your pet their very own space to call theirs, but it also keeps the unsightly pet beds out of the way from sight when guests come or just during everyday living.  Pets are also known to feel safer in small covered spaces that they can retreat into.

A kennel or crate can be intimidating or scary to your pet.  If you have to crate your animal during the day we have a fantastic solution!  A built in spot of their own not only blends in with the decor but only looks like an inviting space for your pet to nap away until you return! 

These staircase storage dog rooms/houses below are perfect for any canine or feline!

Ever find yourself tripping or stumbling over the dog bowls and getting them spilled?  These built-ins are a perfect option to stow away food and water bowls until meal time!

At the end of the day there's nothing like crawling into a good bed....until your huge 95 pound Rottweiler decides its time to cuddle.  Giving your dog a built in pull out drawer that feels just as comfortable as your bed is a great way to create more space in your bed (and keeps the dog hair out too!). 

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Your pet will thank you with lots of kisses and licks!