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20 Do-able DIY Headboard Ideas!

Most of us have come across those 33 step DIY headboards that look virtually impossible to pull off.  

So we went and found some that look just as a amazing but are way more feasible to actually do if you aren't the most creative or crafty person who still wants a stellar looking bedroom.

20 DIY headboards that are totally do-able!

Old oars mounted to some a baseboard

A large curtain rod holding a decorative quilt

Use a curtain rod and display a shower curtain

A shelf with a hanging bench seat cushion

Two antique windows with wallpaper or 
craft paper in 3 of the panes.

A set of shutters laid flat against the wall
 with a word spelled out at the top.

Alternating stacks of books in the shape of a headboard.

A wicker folding screen painted and laid flat.

Photo frame boxes forming the shape of a heart

A distressed shutter that is set up against a corner

A set of two old painted doors

A serious of old handkerchiefs in a square pattern 

A framed chalkboard

A piece of fabric that is suspended
 by curtain tie backs

A serious of filigree wood wall art screens

A curtain with a frame hung on top of it.

A painted pattern headboard

A quadrant of wood with tapestry
Perhaps none of the DIY's tickle your bedroom fancy

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So you have have a dream worthy built-in headboard