Mason jar lanterns

Feeling Crafty? 5 EASY shortcut DIYs

   We scoured the blogs and pinterest to find some fun and most importantly EASY DIYs that will have you saying

 "Hey! I could do that!"

Take a gander at these 5  DIYs we picked out just for you.  
These make fantastic projects for rainy days or stay-cations during the summer.  

We went ahead and took the guess work out and grabbed the step-by-step no fuss instructions to these mini projects that you can do with your family and friends.

1.) Shadow Box Toilet Paper Holder

1. Paint a shadow box to your desired contrast color to your bathroom wall.

2. Hang a shadow box of any size around your toilet paper holder.

3. Decorate with books and small decor accents such as a small votive candle holder.

2. Vintage Decorative Wood

1. Take old distressed or scrap wooden boards
 from lumber yards or pallets

2.  Use printed wall paper of your choice.

3. Sand in places with sandpaper for vintage look. 

3) Shabby Chic Jewelry Box

    1. Sand the piece

   2. Paint in base coat

     3. Rub candle wax on the parts you would 
    like to see color show through

         4. Paint over the base coat and the wax.

     5. After paint dries, rub steel wool 
    over the areas you have waxed.

     6. Wipe off the pipe with cloth and
 apply finish if desired.
(Pssst. Stay tuned to a more in depth blog post on this project in the future!)                                   

4.) Patterned Mason Jar Lanterns

1. Glue tissue paper to the inside of a mason jar.

2. Put a flame less candle (battery operated) and put lid on.

3. Line sidewalk or put on tables for 
an outdoor party or patio.

5. Homemade Sugar Scrubs

1. Melt some coconut oil

2.  Add sugar until it becomes paste

3. Enhance with essential or natural oils 
from fruit juices or natural herbs.

5. Wrap with twine or ribbon and use small tags to label.

Plan a DIY Date!

If you want to do multiple DIYs try this idea:  Get a group of girlfriends, sisters or family members together and everyone pick an individual DIY project that you will teach and show to the rest of the group.  Most of the time when doing these projects you have extra supplies.  Each person brings enough for the whole group to make their own DIY to take home. 

 At the end of the day you have several fun projects that you learned and have for one for yourself!