We Will Buy You a Garden...Where Your Flowers Can Grow

In our last blog post we told you that during the month of April, our theme would be DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. To help motivate and inspire you this spring with your own projects at home, we are offering a $50.00 gift card to Home Depot to anyone who follows our blog! So share, share, share and tell your friends too!

As the weather warms, its time to start thinking about getting outside and going green! Do you have a garden? What are you planting this season? I personally love the smell of fresh herbs and the taste of a juicy tomato that came from my very own backyard! I found a few really cool and easy ways to jazz up your own garden that I wanted to share.

The first is from a really creative and fun website called HomeStories A-Z. They provide complete instructions for this adorable DIY garden planter and birdbath. The planters would be perfect for your small herb garden or to fill with fresh flowers. Whether you have a small porch or a large garden at home, this garden planter is the perfect way to welcome springtime with open arms (with a paintbrush and soil too!)

Once you have painted and built your garden planter, there are quite a few ways to recycle old household items and turn them into the perfect markers to identify your herbs, flowers or veggies.

I certainly enjoy a nice glass white wine in the early evening of spring, so why not save those corks and re-purpose them for labeling your new shabby chic garden planter? Just take a felt-tipped pen or a thin sharpie and carefully write out what each plant is, then use a bamboo skewer as the pick.

Another cute way to name your plant is made using the bottom of an aluminum baking plan. Cut the label with scissors, write the name on with pencil and then hot glue a bamboo skewer on to the label for a pick.

Lastly (and my favorite), taking old wooden spoons from your kitchen or buying some from the dollar store make for super cute herb markers. (You could even color-coordinate with your painted pots from the garden planter). Simply dip the tops into paint, wait for them to dry and using either a paint pen or a sharpie, write the name.

Let us know what works for you and what DIY projects you are working on!