Why You Should Replace Your Cabinets

As we wrap up this week's discussion of cabinet modification options, we obviously need to touch base on the final (and admittedly most expensive) option. But we'd like to point out that just because this is the most expensive option available to homeowners doesn't mean that the cost isn't worth it. 

In the United States, a return investment on bathroom modernization is approximately 102% of the cost of the renovation. That means that if you renovated your bathroom, your could add the cost of the renovations AND some to the overall value of your home. Kitchen renovations also rank high in marks at about 90% of the cost for the renovation. This means that with either of these projects, you are likely to get almost every penny of your renovation back in the equity that you add to your home. 

It's for this reason that we get so many homeowners at Woodmaster Woodworks that are happy to invest in cabinetry refacing or replacing as opposed to refinishing existing cabinets. It's usually just worth the money in the long run. 

So now for the sticker shock. Realistically, replacing all the kitchen cabinets in your home can run anywhere between $4,000-$20,000 depending on how much emphasis you put on upscale cabinetry and quality and what kind of finish and wood product you use. Holy Cow!, huh? Obviously, 20 grand is on the WAY upper end of things, and 4 grand is the economical route, but their are lots of amazing kitchens that can but purchased and custom made in any of the prices in that range. 

The nice thing about replacing your cabinets rather than refacing them is that it gives you the option to reconfigure your kitchen entirely- meaning that if you don't like the layout of your space- the time to fix it is during a kitchen cabinet replacement job. You could change the entire set up of your kitchen (more difficult to do in bathrooms) if you go the route of custom cabinet replacement. 

Furthermore, lots of older cabinets were constructed with too much dead space in the cabinetry- space that is essentially unusable and overly inefficient. If you go the route of replacing your cabinetry with custom cabinets, you can fix this problem entirely. Custom cabinets are made specifically for your space whereas factory made cabinetry is designed to fit in any space. Ultimately, this results in lots of dead space. Custom cabinets are great because they allow for all the space in your kitchen to be utilized according to your specifications and ultimately you get more storage because of it.

Well thanks for sticking with us this week as we explored the options in cabinet renovations for homeowners. If you have any questions or would like answers to your specific job, give us a call at (919) 554-3707 to set up a FREE estimate! Happy blogging!