Updating Hardware!

Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. obviously specializes in lots of of cabinetry restoration. We're always excited when we get to go into a homeowner's home and help them totally re-envision their space and make it just what they've always wanted. But not everyone has the money to totally re-do their cabinets, and some people I'm sure would love some tips on how to spice up what they already have without spending too much money.

Today, we're going to talk about something that's small, but that can totally make a difference with your cabinets- or hardware all over your house for that matter. If your home pre-dates the 1990s then it's very likely that all the hardware throughout your home is gold! And gold can be lovely in some homes- adding a touch of class and richness to the aesthetics. But in other homes, gold can sometimes look cheap and retro. 

Well- obviously you could make small changes by replacing all the gold hardware throughout your home and particularly on your cabinets, but truthfully (assuming your hardware is structurally sound) there's another, even more economical, way to  transform your space. 

Paint your hardware! That's right. Paint metal, you say? Absolutely! Paint it! 

Here's what you'll need:
Steel Wool
Next Liquid Deglosser
Rustolem Metal Paint and Primer in One Spray Paint
Six Hours

  1. Start by using steel wool to very lightly rough up your hardware (I'll emphasize lightly here- LIGHTLY!).
  2. Next, soak down all your hardware with the Next! (Great Product)- and let everything dry completely. 
  3. After you've picked out your paint color (the options are endless) set all your hardware outside in a well ventilated area (preferably in sunlight). As a trick- poke your screws (if you have any) through the hardware so that they all come out looking the same like this: 

  1. Apply three very light coats on the hardware, being sure to thoroughly coat them. The lighter coats make it more likely for the paint to stick like glue! Wait about 30 minutes between each coat.
  2. Allow the hardware to dry for 4 hours before attaching everything back to the doors. 
Obviously- at Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. we would always like to encourage you that the BEST way to transform your cabinets is to REPLACE them- but we know not all our customers have that option. Hopefully this allows for a helpful hint about how to update hardware all over your home without spending much of anything! 

(PS- I've done this before, and the finish has been holding strong now for years!)