Stair Storage

This week we wanted to target introducing our readers to some really unusual space saving built-ins that can be incorporated into any home! There are just so many clever ideas out there, that today, built-ins is a word that just means so much more than bookshelves next to the fireplace- although- who doesn't still love those! 

For today, we're just going to explore some awesome options that Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc has discovered for hidden storage! I bet you never realized that a staircase could be this practical and useful!

Talk about functionality and utility! Something like this in my home would solve a serious problem that drives my husband nuts! He (completely resistant to ever being cold) cannot possibly understand why I always have a blanket with me when I'm cuddled up on the couch. And he HATES that I so often forget to put them away. If only I had this in my home! And this could be used for anything- kid's book bags, shoes, scarves and gloves, its options are endless! 

How about these.....

Shoes in the stairs storage! Amazing. If you're building a home and want to make sure that you have lots of extra storage in places that most people would never think to utilize then this is your solution! And it tucks away so that you will really never notice it at all! 

And lastly, of course there is always the option to add stair drawers from the side of the stairwell also. While these drawers are a little more obvious (people might know they are there) They can still add great utility to a space that is otherwise empty. The real necessity with stair drawers is to make sure the treads on your stairs are thick and durable enough to accommodate the hollow frame of the drawer.

Follow up tomorrow as we discuss more awesome and functional ways to incorporate unique storage into your home!