Plan Your Kitchen Reno

So let's take a brief halt in our renovation option breakdown in order to cover something that anyone who is planning a kitchen renovation should be aware of. If you're thinking about changing out your cabinets, countertops, kitchen floors, paint colors, etc. and you're a little concerned about what the final product will look like after you combine all those options, you should be aware that there are tools out there to help you.

The internet can be such a wonderful place, and lucky for you, it's chalked full of lots of free room design programs! That's right, you can build your kitchen in one of these programs and get a 3D idea of what you're final product is going to look like. At Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc we create one of these drawings to accompany every estimate that we put out for our customers. We like for you to have a good idea of what you're getting before we move forward with your project. If you're a DIYer then you should be taking advantage of the design programs that are available to you and trying to come up with a similar image (even if it isn't quite as professional as actually custom creating the images from design software.)

So we've compiled in today's blog a list of FREE online room planners that you can use in order to plan any renovation in your home! Particularly kitchens and bathrooms! 

  1. My Deco 3D Home Planner- this program allows you to add walls, select floor plans, add furnishings, and change the coloring of those furniture pieces as well as the colors of walls or floors. You can move the camera on the page around in order to get a 3D image of the final product from every angle.

  1. Ikea Kitchen/Home Planner: this program allows you to upload your own floorplan or start from scratch with one already included in the layout. From there you can add cabinets of any color or style and in any pattern. When you're all done you can view your finalized room in 3D. 

  1. Design My Room by Armstrong is definitely a life saver of a program. If you've ever gone out to different stores and collected samples of different things- cabinets, flooring, paint color, etc. and then tried to see what it would look like in your own space then you already know that it can be a challenging task to say the least. Design My Room allows you to select different color combinations all on one program and see what the final product looks like without all the hassle of driving around. 

  1. Lowes/Home Depot Virtual Designer is also an option (although it has the least amount of customization available). With this program you can select from basic cabinet styles and colors and basic flooring and paint colors and add them together in a pre-arranged floor plan (they only have certain stock floorplans) and see what the final product will look like. 

I just wanted to use today to notify you guys of the awesome tools that are available to you online for FREE! Obviously professionals can put together these CAD images for you that are a bit more catered to your specific space, but these are great options for people that are just trying to figure out what they are wanting in their kitchen or bath renovations and aren't sure where to start!