Hidden Passages! Exposed Storage!

Today we wanted to follow up on our theme this week of talking about fun and unique storage ideas for the home, and today is definitely a super cool idea. This is something honestly Scooby Do episode worthy- the kind of thing we thought about as a kid! And the best part?- it's not just a joke or a fairy tale idea! Woodmaster Woodworks has honestly done this in homes before! Stop thinking this kind of built-in is only for Hollywood, because we've done it for homeowners in the local area! And then end result is always fantastic.... 

That's right! We're talking about hidden doors here! Nothing like an awesome built-in that also doubles as a door into another room of the house (maybe even a hidden room if your home is super castle-esque! Ha!) In all seriousness though, hidden doors aren't as impossible to incorporate into your home as you might have thought. 

And another obviously great thing about hidden doors is that they can often take the place of closet doors- in which case that closet becomes a wonderfully smart place to store valuables! Hidden doors can essentially turn closets into built-ins safes, because they definitely aren't something that the average intruder is going to think to check out!

And then best part of hidden doors? They also provide ample storage space because they are usually made out of a built-in bookshelf or cabinetry! We just had to share this idea with you guys because really- who didn't want to grow up to live in a castle? 

Check in tomorrow as we continue to cover awesomely unique storage possibilities!