Cube Built- Ins

Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. would like to spend this week focusing on modern built-in designs- not something that you see everyday but certainly an increasing trend. So many of the built-ins that people are used to seeing have a traditional theme with old-fashioned architectural elements. But the truth is that sleek, modern, built-ins are on the rise in popularity. And the great thing about modern built-ins? They are often cheaper than traditional built-ins because they don't include the bells and whistles that traditional built-ins allow. 

Today- we'd like to focus on the cube built in design. Modern built-ins often are designed in the form of architectural cubes. They definitely are an interesting look and theme, but it is important to point out that shelf cubes do tend to take away from some of the shelf space of traditional shelves given the dividers. 

Cube shelving can be used in lots of different spaces- living rooms, mantels, and desks. They are adorable additions to any space and can add a dramatic element to a room while still maintaining the architecturally modern style.  

Tune in tomorrow while chat about some of the other ways to add modern flare to your home with built-ins, even when you're on a budget. And we will include some awesome DIY projects!