Creative Cutlery

Continuing with this week's theme, Woodmaster Woodworks Inc. will be spending the next two days talking about simple, but super awesome built in kitchen storage that most of you have probably never heard of. At least, I had definitely never heard of today's subject: built in knife blocks!

Not only do I love the fact that built-in knife blocks are obviously a space saving idea, but they can also add a degree of safety in the kitchen, that traditional store-bought knife blocks just can't provide. I mean, think about it- if you have a knife block sitting out on your counter top I'm going to bet it's because either you don't have kids or your kids are old enough to be trusted. Any of you who have little ones running around have probably tucked the knife block into a cabinet that is out of their reach. And let's be honest- that's super annoying when you're cooking. 

A great thing about these built-in knife blocks is that they can be done in such a way as to virtually eliminate the child safety fear. Often time, homeowners will choose to have their knife block inserted horizontally across the top of the counter top where the counter top meets the wall or back splash  which places these utensils safely out of reach for most little ones. 

Obviously, it's not necessary to place your built in knife block at the back of your counter tops. If you are more worried about functionality than safety, and you don't have little ones running around, you might be a big fan of this option. There's definitely something to be said for convenience when your knife block is right next to the sink. That way, as soon as you are done washing them off you can pop them right back in their spot- and avoid the temptation to place your high end cutlery in the dishwasher! 

This last option is definitely not something that I would recommend to people that have little ones or are planning to start a family, but if you're passed that stage of your life and you are looking for an awesome organization area for your knives- this will definitely do the trick and it keeps everything at the perfect reach for people that love to cook!