Cabinet Refacing Possibilities

Yesterday we talked about painting cabinets (particularly laminate cabinets) yourself. It's definitely not a job for the faint of heart and it's certainly no where near as wallet impacting as some other potential options. This week we are focusing on the possibilities for cabinet renovations, and we're going in order of cheapest to priciest. Obviously, doing the work yourself is always going to be the most economical option. 

But if your kitchen looks something like this, and you aren't up for DIY renovations, there's still hope for you!

Kitchens aren't cheap. Most of us know that kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in our homes. So when you think about overhauling your kitchen and ripping out cabinets (which will likely impact your flooring and countertops) it can be daunting on the pocketbook. Luckily- you can reface your cabinets instead. 

The kitchen above underwent refacing, and the final product was pretty great. Check it out: 

Talk about a heck of a difference! Obviously this kitchen also underwent appliance and countertop replacement as well, but the point is well taken. 

So you might be wondering exactly how kitchen cabinet refacing works? Well here's a break down of the steps. 

  • Remove all doors, drawers and special moldings and dispose of them
  • Measure all openings to ensure an accurate cut for all new coverings
  • Custom-make all new doors, drawers and moldings from your pre-selected materials and colors
  • Laminate all exterior surfaces of your existing cabinets to match the color and style of your new doors and drawers
  • Affix your new coverings and moldings to the openings and ensure your satisfaction
  • Replace appliances and countertops for larger scale projects

Talk about an amazing difference at about HALF the cost of replacing your cabinets entirely. And the end result might as well look like you have brand new cabinets!

If you're interested in refacing your cabinets give us a call at Woodmaster Woodworks or reference the estimate request page at the top of this blog. This is the sort of work we do everyday! We can help you make your dream kitchen a reality even if you don't have the budget to rip all your cabinets out!