Built-ins Wardrobes

While this post it for everyone, it's probably going to be most appealing for our girl readers out these- because honestly, what girl doesn't get excited about something that might allow her to have more clothes! I know I do. 

Continuing with our theme this week- we're talking all about bedroom built-ins. And while we've chatted about kid rooms, and master bedrooms, and built-in beds and surround furniture, we haven't touched on perhaps one of the most important aspect of bedrooms- clothing storage. And honestly- who has enough? My husband and I-granted we live in a small townhouse and are dying to upgrade soon!- simply can't share our closet! Seriously ya'll- all his stuff is in the hall closet (it's really big) and it is so annoying for us both. 

Something like this would definitely solve our storage woes: 

You know it! A built-in wardrobe- basically a closet without a closet. I cramped spaces, you can take a few feet from along a wall and add a built-in that can give you tons of clothing storage even when you don't have any feasible way of making your closet any bigger than it currently is. 

Built in wardrobes can be great in any space. Not only do they do wonders for people like me, whose master closet just leaves some to be desired (even if my husband would blame the space issues less on the closet and more on my clothes), they also do wonders for people who have spare rooms (like offices) who would like to turn their room into a bedroom but don't have a closet already incorporated into the space. 

That's what this homeowner did with a small upstairs bonus room that they had been using as a spare office until their baby girl came along. They added these built-ins in order to transform the space from office to nursery, and the great thing is that these built-ins provide plenty of space for the child to grow in the room. 

Built-in wardrobes can even add better organization that simple closets have, and they can tuck away seamlessly into the room- allowing the built-in to look like an original part of the home and less like an addition. 

Just keep in mind that just because your room doesn't have enough storage doesn't mean that the problem is un-fixable! More closet space is a possibility! And if you have any questions or would like a free estimate on your project, give us a call at Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. or access the estimate request page at the top of this blog! We can't wait to hear from you :)