Bedroom Built-ins!

This week we wanted to do a run down of some of the awesome built-ins that can be incorporated into a bedroom. Whether your bedroom is small and cozy, or luxurious and large, there's a built-in out there that can work for you and perfectly meet your needs!

For today, lets talk about grow up spaces- the master bedroom. Master beds are supposed to be comfortable retreats for any homeowner, and having the appropriate storage and set up to make that the case is super important to any space. Let's take a look at the way that built-in bed wall units can bring organization and tranquility into the one place of the house that's solely for you. 

Clearly these wall units can bring sleek sophistication to a space, but it's also important to note that the bedroom pictured above isn't very large but non the less feels spacious. A lot of that is a result of a fantastic color pallet that is designed to make the space appear larger, but it also has a lot to do with the incorporation of the wall built ins- which allow the homeowner to have less floor space dominated by other pieces of furniture. These ceiling height night stands allow for extra storage that could accommodate smaller accessory clothing pieces and help alleviate the need for a large dresser. 

This built-in takes the previous design to a whole new level. Instead of simply incorporating the wall until into the space, this homeowner went so far as to include and entire built-in bed unit. As you can see, the bed-frame in this room is literally connected to the wall unit. And while this homeowner opted for shelves instead of cabinets on the sides of the bed, they also added some other wonderful features. You can see that the cabinetry extends across the whole top of the built in unit, allowing for extra shelving and decorative highlights. They've also wired in lighting above the bed for easy reach bed side lamps and recessed lighting. 

Lastly, we also love the cottage effect of this built-in. There are things we would certainly change- for instance the built-ins above the bed are not designed in a way to make them effective for holding much of anything, but that being said, this homeowner made one very good decision when designing this built in unit. If you'll notice in the left hand corner, there is a small lip overhang on the built in. When designing a wall unit, incorporating this sort of lap and overhang allows for the unit to have more of  night stand feel than it otherwise would have and it makes things (like a glass of water) more easily accessible from the bed. We also love the built-in wardrobe incorporated in this room on the right wall. 

Check in with us tomorrow as we continue to go through lots of wonderful options for bedroom built-ins.