Precious Plate Racks

Today's our last day this week focusing on cabinet components and the last addition to cabinets that I wanted to point out this week is super adorable and a bit old-timey- plate racks. If any of you are like me- you probably grew up with a grandmother or mother that had one of these: 

And while that's cute and hearkens back to a simpler time in life- it's not exactly 2012. But it could be. Today- you can add plate racks to your kitchen cabinetry. In fact, it is honestly one of the most chic contemporary additions to cabinetry out there! Check it out: 

Talk about adding a modern flair to an old-timey tradition. Plate racks have been around forever and not only serve as a cute decorative addition to a home- but it's pretty much a proven fact that dishes get cracked and chipped less when they are stored like this. A lot of people choose to put their "pretty plates" on racks for those two reasons- it's a decorative addition and it adds more protection to the dishware than stuffing it in a cabinet. 

And as you can see- plate racks can work in any style of kitchen. Whether your kitchen as a country chic feel like the white cabinetry above or something more traditional, upscale, and classic like this beautiful cherry colored cabinetry- your plate rack can brighten up the space and add a unique element to the entire kitchen. 

Obviously, it's also important to note that plate racks aren't for every household. As adorable as they might look- it's necessary to access your home before you add a plate racks to it- particularly if you expect to still be able to use the plate racks for everyday dishware. Homes that have pets (where hair is naturally somewhat airborne) are not well suited for plate racks that intend to house everyday dishware. Your plates will wind up covered in little pieces of hair, whereas cabinets tend to protect from this happening. 

Aside from that however, plate racks can be a fantastic addition to any kitchen and can add a homey but yet still elegant feel. We've loved discussing cabinet accessories this week- especially since it's something that we specialize in. If you would like any feedback concerning how you can add any of these elements to your own space- please refer to our estimate request page for more details! 

We look forward to more happy blogging next week.