From Door to Coffee Table

We really appreciate the positive feedback that we received for last weeks blog posts on re-purposing cabinet doors, and we want to keep the momentum strong by covering a similarly fun theme this week. At Woodmaster Woodworks, we do a lot of trim work, and often times that has us replacing interior and exterior doors in the homes of lots of homeowners! 

So- we want to give ya'll some ideas about how you can use those old, replaced doors to bring a little chic and fun re-purposing projects to your home that will leave you with some downright awesome home accents and furniture. 

Up, first- from door to coffee table:

Gorgeous, right? We thought so. And as you can see, it's surrounded by pretty modern furniture. A coffee table like this is great because it also offers some useful storage on the bottom shelf. bringing a project like this to life requires nothing more than a door, some paint, and three very strategically cut pieces of wood from your local hardware store. 

Or of course, if you want to go for a more traditional style, you can use the legs of an old outdated coffee table that you might have lying in your garage or that you might pick up on craigslist or at goodwill. Leaving the door knob definitely adds a distinct look to the piece- giving it that aged, raw, recycled flair. 

And of course, you can definitely do this project with clean modern lines and an architectural look as well. This is probably the easiest of all these possibilities in fact. To do this coffee table, all you need is an interior door, a miter saw to cut the 45 degree angles, and some elbow brackets from your hardware store. 

Tune in tomorrow for some new ideas! We'll be giving you lots more door re-purposing projects throughout the week.